Evolution &Inspiration

High-Tech wiping

Lint-free microfilament cloths and wipes provide unrivalled performance at cleaning, wiping and drying.

Healthy bedding

Bed linen and encasings made of Evolon® are comfortable, breathable and inherently anti-mite with no chemical treatment.

Window treatment

UV protection, low light transmission and sound absorption for 100% textile curtains, blinds and roman shades.


Lightweight, comfort and breathability with superior moisture management for leisurewear, sportswear and workwear.

Printing media

Evolon® is “the” new textile printing media for signs and advertising, indoor and outdoor.

Technical packaging

Surface protection for sensitive parts: painted parts, metal, glass.


Evolon® textile provides optimum sound absorption with minimum weight and thickness, for car interior, building and indoor architecture.

Coating substrates

A very breathable microfilament substrate for coating, suede and leather-like effects in shoe & luggage.

Other applications

Evolon® is a constant source of inspiration for our customers.


Microfilaments, a new generation of microfiber

Microfilaments, microfiber

Evolon® fabrics are produced using a unique worldwide patented continuous textile manufacturing process… more


EnvironmentResulting from clean manufacturing, Evolon® is also a durable textile which reduces the impact of waste in various industries. more

Tested and approved


Evolon® has been granted the Oeko-Tex mark (standard 100, product class 1). more