Enviromentally-friendly company


A durable fabric which reduces the impact of waste products on the environment

Evolon® is a long-lasting fabric, fit for demanding applications.


A CLEAN technology

Freudenberg Evolon is ISO 14001 certified.

Being a continuous process, from the raw material to the fabric, Evolon® technology achieves in several minutes what the traditional textile industry can do in several weeks.

The water used to split and entangle Evolon® filaments is recycled internally, and re-used in a closed loop. Thanks to this process, Evolon® was awarded a special prize:
Eco-Trophée du Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges.

No solvents, no binders are used during the manufacturing.

Last but not least, Evolon® is manufactured in Europe, complying with the European chemical regulations.



Evolon® is PVC-free. Evolon® base material is made of polyester, polyamide and water. These components are stable and safe for the humane health and the environment, in normal conditions of use.

Evolon® base material* has even been granted the Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 certificate, which guarantees there is no harmful substances for the contact with baby skin.**

Evolon® is 2 to 30 times lighter than traditional materials which it can substitute in different applications. For equivalent or superior performance, Evolon® dramatically minimizes the use of raw materials.



Evolon® allows the use of eco-friendly dyestuffs, finishes and inks, e.g. water-based inks.**

Thanks to non-fraying edges, converting is simplified, requiring fewer materials and fewer operations.


Being a durable fabric which can be washed and re-washed***, Evolon® is helping to reducing the impact of waste products on the environment.

As Evolon® is mainly made of polyester, it can be recycled**.

Even though recycling has to be considered as the best way of managing waste, it is important to know that Evolon® can be incinerated or landfilled without any risk of emissions of halogeneous substances**. This is of high interest especially in case waste would not be sorted and disposed selectively, or if an accidental fire would occur.


* before impregnation or coating

** Freudenberg Evolon makes no statement and no guarantee of chemicals, dyes and inks added on the material by independent third-parties.

*** depending on the applications